Raised-Bed Gardening

June 16th, 2020

Backyard vegetable gardening is the latest rage! But if you don’t want to tackle tilling, planting and weeding a full-blown mini farm, a raised-bed garden is the perfect solution. It’s surprisingly easy to accomplish and you’ll love the experience of watching your little sprouts grow into incredible edibles.

For ideas on building a cheap-and-easy raised bed, check out this how-to video from The Gardening Channel’s James Prigioni.  

You don’t have to build you own, of course.  Just google “raised garden beds” and you’ll see plenty of choices that can be delivered to your home.  Gardening expert Katie Rushworth’s video shows you how to plant your little veggie babies. You might also want to avoid these Common Raised Garden Mistakes, complements of Gardener Scott.

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