Carriage Homes Plymouth Meeting

Looking for a Carriage Home?

Lets first ask the obvious question, “what is a carriage home?” Is there a difference between this and a single family home? A carriage home traditionally has 3 floors, 2 living levels above ground and a garage. Most have a unique look, their stylish architecture attracts many first time home buyers. Carriage homes tend to be found in groups of two and four units (sometimes more) and quite popular in Plymouth Meeting, PA.

Carriage homes in history
Back in the day they were to store carriages and coaches, hence the name ‘Carriage homes’. It was known that the homeowner may keep their horses in the same building, therefore some buildings might have a more complex structure while others might be quite reserved. Of course in today’s age, this space has now been replaced with a garage, many models with an optional attic or finished basement plans.

However, is a carriage home the right home for you? It all comes down to preference! Your home will always be a good investment, so it is a question to wither it fits your current lifestyle, budget and of course taste! Many first time home buyers are attracted to these type of models, the progression before purchasing a larger home. The next option would be a Single family home, typically sought after more due to the amount of space you receive. For example a carriage home may have very little garden space while a single family home may have a complete garden. For some however this might be too much maintenance (grass to cut, flowers to look after etc., so it’s best to think about pros of cons. Evaluate your choices and be realistic about what you can afford . Analyze your current lifestyle and decide if your new home will be the right choice!

Most importantly, speak with Sal Paone Builder, and ask what options are available. Many homes today have options, designed to order! Carriage homes are build solid, with functional floor plan options and flattering landscape within the community.

SAL PAONE, A RESIDENTIAL MONTGOMERY COUNTY HOME BUILDER, offer stylish Carriage homes in Plymouth Meeting, PA. A premier Montgomery County, PA Home Builder. Sal Paone has built extensively throughout the Pennsylvania region.

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