The history of Paone Builders can be traced back to the late 40’s when Sal’s father was an active stonemason in suburban Philadelphia. He had a genuine love of his craft and enjoyed teaching his young son how to work hard and how to create a finished product on which he could be proud to place the “Paone” name. Having worked long hours on the jobsite with his Dad; Sal credits him for his understanding of the value of hard work and responsibility. Paone Builders continues to flourish today with the valuable addition of Sal’s son, Sal Paone Jr. He brings with him a strong knowledge of today’s cutting edge technology and has set in motion all the tools necessary to properly communicate in today’s high tech business world. Sal Jr. represents the third generation of the family with hands on building experience insuring that our “Built Solid” construction will remain Paone Builders’ legacy. Forty-five years have passed and some 3000+ Paone homes have been built throughout Montgomery and Bucks Counties in Pennsylvania as well as in New Jersey and Florida.