Winter Weather Home Checklist

December 14th, 2020

Don’t be fooled by our region’s relatively mild fall season.  Winter is still coming – and it’s important to do a few simple things to get your home ready, so your family and abode will be safe and sound.

According to Kiplinger’s, one of the most important is checking your smoke detectors, and having your chimney inspected and possibly cleaned.  With wood stoves and fireplaces in use, fire safety is critical.  You might also want to restock cold-weather essentials like salt or ice melt, and fire up the snow blower to make sure it’s working. Turn off exterior faucets, drain sprinkler systems, and close the shut-off valve inside your home so undrained water in pipes won’t freeze. Do these items and you’ll have a good start. Kiplinger’s offers a number of other must-do chores for older homes.

If you’re tired of the annual winter maintenance, a new home can make your honey-do list a lot shorter. The Sal Paone Builders website is great place to explore the possibilities.  Our newest community, Plymouth Valley Estates is selling now!

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