Why Buy New?

August 15th, 2013

Trying to decide between buying a newly constructed home vs. buying an existing or older home? Here’s are 3 things you should consider.

Design and Amenities – When you buy an older home, you also buy someone else’s stylistic expressions. Wallpaper, paint, lighting, cabinetry and other design ideas may need to be replaced. With a new home, you choose exactly what you want. It’s all yours from day one.

Energy Efficiency – New homes are more energy efficient. That because new homes benefit from modern building technologies and materials, like better insulation, windows, doors and heating and cooling systems. An older home may need to be retrofitted with new materials or systems in order to reduce energy costs.

Maintenance – When you fall in love with the gingerbread charm of an older home, don’t be blind to the need for upkeep. Wood-sided homes will need to be painted every few years. Check out the roof, too. It may need to be replaced. Love the fireplace? Make sure it’s safe. New homes are built with the latest building materials, designed for exceptional durability and low maintenance. When you purchase a Sal Paone home, our warranty covers all of these items!

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