Noisy Neighbors?

March 31st, 2022

The current shortage of housing stock is keeping many potential buyers in an apartment or condo.  If that’s you and you have the misfortune of sharing a wall or ceiling with a noisy neighbor, here’s some advice to help you hang in until you find another home.

This article from Apartment List offers 5 tips for dealing with musically-inclined, argumentative or party people. Suggestions include picking your battles, talking it out, leaving a letter or filing a noise complaint. If that fails, writer Jenny Leiwica Buttaccio suggests some self-defense tactics, like installing ceiling clouds or acoustic fixtures, rearranging your furniture, filling up your bathroom, sealing the windows and doors, hanging wall art or tapestries, or adding thick rugs with rubber backing.

We also suggest keeping an eye on the Sal Paone Builder website and Facebook pages. That way you can be the first to know when a quiet, quality-built Paone community is starting, or if a Paone resale or express home comes on the market.

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