How to Ace the Final Walkthrough

January 26th, 2022

If you’re under contract to buy a house, congratulations! You’ve managed to win the bid, secure a mortgage, have the home inspected and schedule settlement. But wait. There’s one more important thing you need to do.

That’s the final walkthrough before closing. This is a personal inspection that helps ensure that the home you committed to on paper is in relatively identical condition to when you first visited.  It is also the time to make sure that any issues in your contract that needed to be resolved by the seller have been completed.  BankRate offers a checklist of things you should look for during your walkthrough. They include being sure the seller’s belongings have been moved out, checking that appliances work,  promised repairs have been made and that the property is ready to welcome you home. Of course, when you buy a home from Sal Paone Builders, the walk-through is a proud moment for us. We enjoy showcasing the care and craftsmanship we build into every new home!

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