Countertop Color: What’s Right for You?

November 21st, 2017

Designing your kitchen is something you just need to get right. After all, cabinets and countertops are not something you can change easily once installed. Material is important, but what’s even more critical to your design aesthetic is the color.

According to this article from Houzz, crisp, modern whites can make small spaces look bigger, or help create a clean, fresh look. Use wood if you want a style that’s warm and approachable. Prefer something more modern? Dark or black colors are the perfect complement to the smoky, mirrored backsplashes trending in condos and modern homes. For an industrial look, consider grays that have a look similar to concrete.

To see photos and learn more about choosing countertop colors, read these tips from Houzz contributor, Yanic Simard. Remember, if you’re building a new home with Sal Paone Builders, our designers will be happy to help you choose a color you’ll love for years to come.

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