Work from Home. Live Anywhere.

August 11th, 2020

Traditionally, people choose their home location based on proximity to their job.  But, COVID-19 has changed things.  Many people will continue working remotely even when the pandemic has subsided.  If that’s you, you may have realized that you are no longer tied to a specific location, and can live anywhere that has a good internet connection.

As discussed in this LinkedIn news feed, Coronavirus has prompted many Americans to reassess where they want to be. A move to a new location also present opportunities for they style of home you might want. For example, if you’ve been a city dweller residing in a condo or row home, you could possibly move to the suburbs or country and live in a single-family home. Or, you could move from an area with a high cost of living to one with a lower cost of living. One great option?  Vibrant Montgomery County and Sal Paone’s newest community, Plymouth Valley Estates!  There are a few homes still available.  Check it out here. Or visit the Sal Paone Builder website for more information.

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