Veggies to Plant in September

September 14th, 2021

The end of summer doesn’t mean the end of gardening. In fact, September is the perfect time to sow plants that can contribute to your good health and your taste for the exotic.

We’re talking dark leafy greens, many of the Asian variety. The slightly cooler September temperatures are ideal for Chinese kale, a plant that can be an alternative to broccoli. The plant actually produces a broccoli-like flower that’s deliciously edible. Japanese salad turnips are a sweet treat that loves early fall, as does Tatsoi, a Chinese cabbage with a sweet, nutty flavor that’s very high in vitamins. I

f you’d like to plant something more familiar, September is also the perfect time to plant mustard, chives and peas. Watch this video to learn about the best veggies to plant this month!

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