Two-Tone Before and After

September 25th, 2019

We love before and after remodeling photos – almost as much as we love the trending two-tone look for interiors.

Many of our new home buyers opt for a two-tone color palette, similar to what’s highlighted in these photos from houzz.  They show how an older kitchen and dining area were given a clean, contemporary look with the simple choice of color in two slightly different shades, or in different, but compatible hues.  And, we’ not just talking walls.  In this remodel, the designer applied the two-tone look to everything from the floors to the cabinets, with beautiful results.

Want the look, but would prefer a brand-new home to colorize from scratch?  Talk to us about owning a Paone!  We’ll create the home of your dreams, complete with your perfect palette of design choices.  Visit our website to see what’s available now, and what’s coming soon!

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