Tips for Move-Up Buyers

August 7th, 2019

A lot of real estate advice is focused on first-time buyers.  For those who have already been there and done that, it’s helpful to have advice on taking the next step. 

Move-up buyers may have experience with buying and owning a home.  But, in order to move to your next home, you’ll also need to sell your existing home.  There are lots of other considerations too.  Renovations and repairs to your existing home may be necessary.  You’ll need to figure out the best scenario and timeline for selling one home and moving into another. There are financial considerations, too.  For some great tips, check out this article from The Washington Post.  While you’re thinking about it, why not take a look at what Sal Paone Builders has in store?  Our new community, Plymouth Valley Estates, is just getting started.  So, now’s the perfect time to plan your move up – possibly to a beautiful Paone home! 

To learn more about Plymouth Valley Estates, or to get advice on your next move, contact Rima Kapel at Vanguard Realty Associates.  Also, be sure to check the Sal Paone Builders website for updates.

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