The Perfect Home Gym

May 19th, 2020

If you’re the type who enjoys working out, today’s stay-at-home reality may have you missing your gym or yoga studio. 

Now’s a great time to plan to transform a spare room or basement into your own private workout space. Houzz Contributor Laura Gaskill shows you how, with 10 ideas to give your space (and you) a jolt of inspiration.  From mirrors to non-slip floors, equipment storage, music, art and more, learn how the perfect environment can contribute to motivation, relaxation, concentration or whatever it is that gets you in gear.  You might not be able to get out for building and decorating materials just yet.  But, put your vision on paper, and enjoy the anticipation of  lifting, lunging, stretching and downward dogging in a gorgeous new space that’s all your own.

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