PEX is Exciting. Really!

May 15th, 2018

Conversations about hot home products usually focuses on the glitz and glamour items:  Things like smart gadgets, high-end amenities and luxurious lifestyle features. 

This article from Professional Builder highlights the Top 50 items homebuyers want in 2018.  But, for a builder focused on quality, what’s used in the construction of the home, and in the home’s various systems, is every bit as exciting.  One of those items is PEX plumbing manifolds, a piping system used in every Sal Paone Builder home!!!!!  (Yes, it’s really that exciting!).  If you’ve ever owned a home with copper piping, you know that replacement and repair of damaged pipe can be expensive. 

Copper is prone to pinhole leaks and can freeze and crack in the winter.  Copper is also a conductor of heat and cold, which can create condensation issues.  PEX piping, on the other hand, resists corrosion, retains more heat in hot-water lines, resists condensation on cold-water lines, and expands up to 3X in diameter to help resist freezing.  It’s also highly flexible, making it easier to install with fewer fittings, a benefit that can reduce the potential for leaks.  

So next time the talk turns to hot products – turn the conversation up a notch and wow your friends with your knowledge of the powerful performance of PEX!

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