Winter Weather Home Checklist

December 14th, 2020

Don’t be fooled by our region’s relatively mild fall season.  Winter is still coming – and it’s important to do a few simple things to get your home ready, so your family and abode will be safe and sound.

According to Kiplinger’s, one of the most important is checking your smoke detectors, and having your chimney inspected and possibly cleaned.  With wood stoves and fireplaces in use, fire safety is critical.  You might also want to restock cold-weather essentials like salt or ice melt, and fire up the snow blower to make sure it’s working. Turn off exterior faucets, drain sprinkler systems, and close the shut-off valve inside your home so undrained water in pipes won’t freeze. Do these items and you’ll have a good start. Kiplinger’s offers a number of other must-do chores for older homes.

If you’re tired of the annual winter maintenance, a new home can make your honey-do list a lot shorter. The Sal Paone Builders website is great place to explore the possibilities.  Our newest community, Plymouth Valley Estates is selling now!

Winter Weatherizing: Do It Now

December 9th, 2020

You may not think about the benefits of weatherizing until a cold draft is blowing through your windows, or your heating bill suddenly shoots sky high. But, by then, it’s too late. This is the time to prepare your home to stay warm and cozy. The Easy Winter Preparation Checklist for Your Home, published by The Spruce, can help Read More...

Getting Fit for Fall Cleanup

December 2nd, 2020

Yes, the headline is correct.  You need to be in good shape to survive fall cleanup. That’s because lifting pumpkins, raking leaves, and other autumnal activities can be tough on your body, especially your lower back. Now’s the time to stretch and strengthen those muscles. The Philadelphia Inquirer offers these top tips for staying seasonally safe, with instructions from personal trainer and wellness coach Ashley B Read More...

Buying a First Home During a Pandemic

November 25th, 2020

If you’re a first-time home buyer, COVID has actually created some unexpected opportunities.  Federal, state and local governments recognize that home-ownership can bring stability to the economy and a sense of community to neighborhoods.  So, they’ve developed financial programs to help first-time buyers Read More...

The Right Pet for Your Home

November 18th, 2020

For many families, COVID has created the right conditions for welcoming a pet into the home. Online work and learning mean someone’s always around to play with and care for a new addition.  A furry friend can also alleviate isolation and boredom. Before adopting, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) suggests giving some thought to choosing a furball that works for your space and your lifestyle Read More...

Everyone’s Moving Home

November 2nd, 2020

With so many people becoming unemployed or underemployed during COVID-19, meeting rent or mortgage payments can be difficult. That’s driving a trend towards multigenerational homes, as family members of all ages and life stages decide to live together and share expenses. That could mean a younger family moving into their parent’s home, older parents deciding to live with their children, young adults moving back home or any other combination Read More...


October 26th, 2020

If the thought of trick-or-treating during COVID-19 terrifies you, stay calm and take a look at USA Today’s guide to celebrating safely during the pandemic. Tips for keeping your little ghosts happy include contactless candy pickups, scavenger hunts, creative mask ideas and costume parties.  Halloween decorating can also bump up the fun factor Read More...

Working OUT in Plymouth Meeting

October 19th, 2020

Many of us are missing our local gym or YMCA during these days of COVID-19. If you live in Plymouth Meeting, home to Sal Paone Builders newest single-home community, there’s a great solution. Plymouth Township’s Parks and Recreation Department has always offered an incredible array of recreational opportunities through the Greater Plymouth Recreation Center Read More...

A Home in a Box!

October 12th, 2020

Image illustration by Boxabl The Sal Paone Builder team loves creating exciting new home designs. So, we’re always interested in what other forward-thinking professionals are dreaming up. Boxabl is something truly unique.  It’s a box that literally opens up into a home! Defined as an Accessory Dwelling Unit, the Boxable is a wonder of design ingenuity that’s delivered in the form of a box, then unfolded into a small living unit Read More...

Creative Study Spaces

October 7th, 2020

If your children’s online back-to-school experience has been a bust so far, maybe a creatively designed study center will make things easier. This Old House offers 27 Inspirational Homework Areas and Study Stations that can help students concentrate, feel comfortable and have everything they need within reach Read More...