Mortgage Lenders Become More Demanding

June 23rd, 2020

If you planned on buying a new home prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the good news is that builders, including Sal Paone Builders, are still moving forward with construction.

The possibly not-so-good news is that mortgage lenders are demanding higher credit scores and larger down payments. They’re also triple-checking employment status and eliminating some kinds of loans altogether. That’s according to Natalie Campisi, writing for the Philadelphia Inquirer.  With mounting job losses, lenders are concerned about potential defaults, and they’re doing what’s necessary to protect themselves from losses. Fortune also reports on why it’s suddenly harder to get a mortgage, and just as difficult to refinance if you’re considering taking advantage of today’s low interest rates. It’s a whole new mortgage and housing market out there.  While you’re stuck at home, now’s a good time to understand how this new lending environment may affect your plans.

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