Family is Everything

September 21st, 2017

A family business that has been successfully passed from one generation to the next is truly something special. For the Paone family, it’s everything.

The Paone history began in the 1940s, with a stonemason who enjoyed his craft, and taught his son the value of hard work. That son, Sal Paone, Sr., pursued his own vision of building homes, and passed his passion to his own boys, kids who pushed wheelbarrows, carried wood and learned the business from the ground up. Today, these young men are creating the company’s third generation of success, building on a reputation as solid as the homes they create. When you buy a Paone home, you benefit from our multi-generational commitment to built-solid homes, Old World craftsmanship and exceptional customer satisfaction. Learn more about our history. Then become part of the family, by trusting us to build your beautiful new home.

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