Everyone’s Moving Home

November 2nd, 2020

With so many people becoming unemployed or underemployed during COVID-19, meeting rent or mortgage payments can be difficult. That’s driving a trend towards multigenerational homes, as family members of all ages and life stages decide to live together and share expenses. That could mean a younger family moving into their parent’s home, older parents deciding to live with their children, young adults moving back home or any other combination. All of this family togetherness can get a bit cramped, leading to new ideas in co-living structures and spaces. One local grandmother added an apartment to her home for herself, allowing her children and grandchildren to live in the main home.

Other families might like the idea of a Granny Flat, which could just as easily be used for a young couple. As a custom home builder, Sal Paone Builders can help you create a home that works for every member of your family. Whether you’re thinking of a new home, or an addition to your existing home, let’s talk about building the perfect solution!

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