Don’t Call It Purple!

January 5th, 2022

Pantone has announced its 2022 color of the year. It’s “Very Peri,” a periwinkle blue with violet-red undertones.

The company says  Veri Peri mimics the glowing screens of our digital world, and is designed to “evoke the transition we are going through.”  Whatever you do, don’t call this familiar shade purple! Very Peri is so much more. Pantone Color Institute’s Laurie Pressman, noted that, “As we emerge from an intense period of isolation, our notions and standards are changing. Veri Peri is illuminating. It represents strength, optimism, new ideas, and new projects. It speaks to the small, every day actions that are creating massive global change.”  Do you agree?  Read more about Veri Peri here – or view the video.

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