Cool Features Every Kid’s Room Should Have

April 10th, 2019

Kids of all ages love having their own space.  When you design their rooms with today’s trendiest features, you can gain major points for being the coolest parent on the planet.

What’s in?  Bunk beds, of course.  But today’s trend is to not have a desk underneath.  Better to have an extra sleeping space for when the BFF sleeps over.  A statement wall with a pop of bright paint, funky wallpaper or oversize kid-friendly artwork will add to the fun factor.  You can also use the “fifth wall,” otherwise known as the ceiling, for floating clouds, constellations or motifs that create a rainforest or canopy of trees.  Built-in furniture and book nooks are super popular, too.  Click here for more ideas – and show the kids that, despite the mom jeans and dad jokes, you’ve still got it what it takes to run with the “in” crowd.

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