Buying a Home During a Pandemic

May 8th, 2020

Coronavirus has changed the process for buying a home in a number of ways.  If you’re in the market and hoping to continue your search – or if you’re already under contract – Business Insider offers four things you should know.  They include the fact that mortgage rates are volatile. Be prepared for rates to change and lock in if you have the opportunity. Slowdowns in every area will make the financing process take longer.  Open houses have been cancelled so you may be viewing homes virtually.  Additionally, if you find a home, get a mortgage and are ready to close, it’s likely you’ll be doing that virtually as well.  Now more than ever, it’s so important to work with a builder or real estate professional who can help you navigate this new world. 

If you’re considering a new home, trust the teams at Sal Paone Builders and Vanguard Realty Associates.  Our partnership will guide you through!

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