Butter Boards are Trending

November 22nd, 2022

Charcuteries is so last year. This holiday season, it’s all about butter boards, an easy way to present traditional bread and butter at dinner, or to offer with crackers as the highlight of a party spread. It’s so easy to do and offers a palette for culinary creativity.

To make a masterpiece, simply grab a board, spread softened butter over it, then drop on toppings or mix-ins like herbs, nuts, seeds, fruit, radishes, honey or smoked meats. You can also use cream cheese instead of butter and add your favorite bagel toppings, from lox to berries. This article from Cnet explains the basics. For 10 Butter Board Ideas, check out these tips, videos and photos from Chica and Jo. Invited to a holiday gathering? Butter up your host with a board that makes you the star of the show!

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