4 Questions to Ask Your Plumber

February 25th, 2020

Before phoning a plumber, make sure he’s a pro! That’s the advice from HomeAdvisor, and it’s a good idea to consider as we move into winter’s coldest months. After all, you don’t want your frozen pipes, water heater issue, or septic tank problem to turn into something worse. This article, pennsylvania winter four questions ask your plumber offers 4 tips for making sure the plumber you call will do a great job.  They include confirming that your plumber is licensed, that he can provide references, has experience in the kind of work you need, and will provide a written estimate. You might also want to inquire about the plumber’s payment expectations. Some will require payment at the time of service. Others may send an invoice or allow payments over time for larger job. A little bit of time reviewing your plumbing pick can pay off in a repair project that meets all of your expectations.

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