The Code Word Is….

August 31st, 2017

Building a new home, or expanding your existing home, is exciting. If you’re working with a reputable, experienced builder, you’ll be in good hands and can enjoy watching your dream home take shape. But, if you’re considering building or renovating on your own, or hiring a contractor, be sure you are fully aware of local building codes and zoning regulations, so your dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

All townships have building codes and zoning regulations, and they cover everything from simple building permits, to hard and fast specifications and requirements related to everything from footings, to steps, egress windows, lot size, garages and sheds, even the minimum square footage and size of the home. There’s a lot to know, so be sure to have a thorough understanding before you move ahead. Better yet, give yourself an early housewarming gift of peace of mind – and let a professional builder manage the project for you. Sal Paone Builders is up to the task! Take a look at some of our custom creations, then give us a call to talk over your vision of home.

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