The Code Word Is….

August 31st, 2017

Building a new home, or expanding your existing home, is exciting. If you’re working with a reputable, experienced builder, you’ll be in good hands and can enjoy watching your dream home take shape. But, if you’re considering building or renovating on your own, or hiring a contractor, be sure you are fully aware of local building codes and zoning regulations, so your dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

All townships have building codes and zoning regulations, and they cover everything from simple building permits, to hard and fast specifications and requirements related to everything from footings, to steps, egress windows, lot size, garages and sheds, even the minimum square footage and size of the home. There’s a lot to know, so be sure to have a thorough understanding before you move ahead. Better yet, give yourself an early housewarming gift of peace of mind – and let a professional builder manage the project for you. Sal Paone Builders is up to the task! Take a look at some of our custom creations, then give us a call to talk over your vision of home.

When Grandma Comes to Stay.

August 22nd, 2017

More and more family homes are becoming intergenerational. That’s a fancy way of saying that grandma and/or grandpa are moving in and planning to stay. The traditional idea of a mother-in-law suite is expanding with some families building separate cottages, others converting garages, and some opting to build a new home, complete with a separate space designed to make life easier for an elderly resident Read More...

Smart Homes = Smart Savings

August 15th, 2017

Smart homes are a growing trend – and that’s good news for people who also like to be smart about their money. That’s because many smart home technologies can also help reduce home costs related to energy and water. Smart thermostats are programmable, so they can be set to adjust the temperature when they sense your presence Read More...

The Ultimate Home Theater

August 8th, 2017

Dinner and a movie is a fun night out. But, it might be even more fun having that big screen movie theater experience in your own home! World Wide Stereo, one of the most respected builders of home theaters, is right in our local area. In fact, they’re the experts the Sal Paone Builder team turns to when making our homeowner’s movie magic dreams come true Read More...

Don’t Leave Home Without It!

August 1st, 2017

Going on vacation? Lucky you! But, don’t leave without taking precautions to protect your home. Otherwise you may not feel quite so lucky when you return. To guard against burglars, it’s a good idea to make your home look lived in. Mail piling up, or multiple newspapers on the lawn, are sure signs that the owner is away Read More...

Beachy, Budget-Friendly, Summer Décor

July 20th, 2017

Most of us can’t afford to spend summers in our own beach house. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the beach to your own home. With a little creativity, and very little money, you can add a beachy vibe to your humble abode. offers 14 Affordable Summer Decorating Ideas for creating an easy, breezy, beach house feeling Read More...

Designer Tips: Picking Your Home’s Perfect Palette

July 13th, 2017

So, you’ve purchased a new home – and now you need to pick your color palette. That means wall colors, furniture, window treatments, accessories and more for each room. Don’t panic! writers H. Camille Smith and Kathy McCleary have pulled together 15 great designer tips to get you started Read More...

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

July 6th, 2017

Buying a home can be confusing – even a bit scary. The Sal Paone Builder team gets that. So, we do our best to make it easy, to explain everything simply, and to help guide you through the process of both buying a Paone home, and selling your existing home. First-time home buyer? We take special care of you Read More...

We’re Very Social!

June 29th, 2017

Want to be the first to know about new Sal Paone Builder communities, home designs, model openings, quick-delivery opportunities and more? Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, or visit our website. The fact is that we’re very social. We love posting photos of our beautiful homes and chatting about everything related to building and home ownership Read More...

Best Burbs for Millennials

June 13th, 2017

Millennials are on the move – and they’re looking for the best places to buy their first homes. Many will not be putting down roots in the big city Instead they’re heading for the suburbs where homes are more affordable. But, while moving outside the city lines, this generation still looks for urban amenities that make life vibrant and convenient Read More...