Windows 101

September 14th, 2017

Every home has windows. The question is, are the windows in your home right for your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. From providing light, to enhancing energy efficiency, to adding personality and style, the right window choices can make a real difference in your enjoyment of your home, in the time you spend on maintenance, and in heating and cooling costs Read More...

Smart Homes = Smart Savings

August 15th, 2017

Smart homes are a growing trend – and that’s good news for people who also like to be smart about their money. That’s because many smart home technologies can also help reduce home costs related to energy and water. Smart thermostats are programmable, so they can be set to adjust the temperature when they sense your presence Read More...

Designer Tips: Picking Your Home’s Perfect Palette

July 13th, 2017

So, you’ve purchased a new home – and now you need to pick your color palette. That means wall colors, furniture, window treatments, accessories and more for each room. Don’t panic! writers H. Camille Smith and Kathy McCleary have pulled together 15 great designer tips to get you started Read More...

Garbage Disposal Don’ts!

June 6th, 2017

Despite its straightforward name, a garbage disposal is not necessarily the right place to put all garbage. Strange, but true. Some of the basic everyday items we toss in and grind up can actually clog pipes and damage the disposal. Coffee grounds, eggshells and vegetable peels are prime example Read More...

Brrrrrrr! Is Your Home Winter Ready?

January 17th, 2017

Our area has already experienced the Polar Vortex, and predictions are that we’ll be seeing extreme cold this winter. So, now’s a good time to think ahead to how you can help your home handle the deep freeze. From avoiding – or thawing – frozen pipes, to safeguarding fire places, chimneys and furnaces, and keeping steps and walkways ice free, this home cold weather checklist from Today’s Homeowner can help you prepare Read More...

Crazy Cool Design Trends

January 10th, 2017

Photo by Monika Hibbs - More transitional bedroom ideas It’s looking like 2017 will be the year of design and technology trends that make you go “Whaaaaaat?” We’re talking intelligent toilets that do everything but that, voice-activated home assistants that can find a recipe, turn on the lights, play your favorite music, warm up the hot tub or perform a variety of tasks at your command Read More...

Recipe for a Perfect Kitchen

May 27th, 2016

Whether you love to cook this memorial day – or just love to eat what the family cook whips up – the kitchen is where appetites and families come together.   That’s why Sal Paone Builders puts so much time and attention into kitchen design, amenities and appliances in our new home communities Read More...

It’s Valentine’s Month. Show Your House Some Love!

February 15th, 2016

If you love your home, February is the perfect time to show your devotion. Pamper your abode with a little fixing and fussing – and make it feel like the special treasure it is. Change a furnace filter, add life to worn cabinets or simply refresh a room with paint or architectural details. Bob Vila tells you how to celebrate Valentine’s month “this old house” style, by adding a glow to the objects of your home desires! Check out his article, 'Bob Vila’s 5 “Must Do” Projects for February'.

Feeling Rustic?

December 22nd, 2015

Holiday dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Some people envision sugarplums and lords a leaping. Others imagine natural wood, rugged stone, exposed beams and antler chandeliers. If that’s you, you’re in a rustic state of mind – and we have the perfect gift for you. Take a look at 88 awesome photos of rustic dining rooms published by HGTV Read More...

Put a Holiday Shine on Your Range and Oven

December 16th, 2015

Cooking up a storm for the holidays? Then a holiday clean up is in your future too. If your “self-cleaning” oven means you need to clean it yourself, you’ll appreciate these tips for making fast work of this kitchen chore. Bonnie McCarthy, writing for Houzz, offers ideas for adding a holiday shine to your kitchen and making your own cleansers from household products like baking soda, vinegar and cream of tartar Read More...